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Acro Family Italia
Acro Family Italia
Acro Family Italia

Embrace your inner child and make life, once again, your playground.


  • An activity dedicated to discovery and play, a unique combination of yoga, acrobatic flying, massage and games, that children and their parents/caretakers/loved ones practice together to enhance physical awareness & self-confidence. With the preparation of these disciplines we aim to help develop positiveness, trust in each other, and to teach communication skills that everyone can apply within their own family inside and outside of class.


  • Through movement, playfulness and joy, family acroyoga unites and creates bonding by linking the adult world with that of childhood. This precious time spent together will teach us to feel and understand the mutual needs between these two realities, so as not to lose that special connection that binds us and will support us throughout our entire lives.

  • Our vision is to provide a time and space for kids and adults to interact, collaborate and have fun together, while cultivating creativity, connection and communication. In this course we aim to bring generations together in the spirit of nurturing, play and discovery.


  • The activities will take place in a safe environment and will allow participants to express themselves in absolute freedom and creativity, giving rise to a peaceful and cheerful climate in which your entire family will feel stronger, more connected, and relaxed.

  • Our goal for Acro Family is to stimulate contact, bonding & clear communication. These tools can combine the joy of physical movement for small families or large mixed age groups. Partner or group acrobatics is safe and fun!

"Please remain childlike so as not to lose the acquired happiness"

  Please contact us for prices and locations. We are in Padova, Verona and Loreggia.

Thanks for your interest!

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